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Last update: 11.06.05
Last ZX-Emul version: 0.30b

What's new:

24.03.05:  ZX-Emul v0.30b
NEW: Added ability of Disk Image manual saving
NEW: Memory Panel: Now you can select memory page to view

New: Double Click on Register Name set Memory Dump Addr
New: CPU Panel: Separate panel
New: DAsm: Added 'Jump Back' command for code navigation
New: DAsm: Removed old panel from Main Panel
New: Code optimization: Static border speed up
New: Added ability for selecting snapshots path and filename
New: Added ability to save snapshots on fly (by pressing Alt-F3)
New: Memory Panel: Now Cursor blinked in Edit Mode
New: Debug: Direct video rendering (Anti Multicolor Mode)
New: Beta128 Panel: Added Disk Write Protect indicator
New: ROM Navigator: Added CRC of 22 new ROM's, and 2 fixed
New: Only one ZX-Emul process can be executed now
BugFix: Double Size Screen Mode low FPS under Windows XP
BugFix: Debug command 'Run to Next Line' work on old panel
BugFix: Error on switching shadowed screen pages

08.11.04: ZX-Emul v0.29b
BugFix: Video: FullScreen Windows XP Palette
New: Video: Added ability to view shadowed screen pages
New: Added support of Hobeta file format (in command line also)
New: Boot file can be in Hobeta format also
BugFix: Video: FullScreen 1024x768 Direct Memory Mode

03.10.04: ZX-Emul v0.28b
NEW: Emulation of AY-3-8910/12 Sound Processor!
NEW: Memory Panel: Added ability edit memory in Bytes Mode

ROM Navigator: Added CRC of new ROM's
ROM Navigator: Added auto loading all pages from ROM file

17.09.04: ZX-Emul v0.27b
NEW: Added 'ROM Navigator' to select and manage ROM images
NEW: CPU Panel: Added ability to modify registers (Double click)

'Disk Image Error' startup warning may be switched off
New: Support of multipaged ROM files (by adding ':PageNumber')
BugFix: BOOT.B treated as boot.B on autoadding boot file
BugFix: DAsm: Panel don't hide on emulation run
BugFix: DAsm: Debug command 'Run to Cursor' work on old panel
BugFix: 'CPU Stopped' Window behaviour (Alt-F4 reaction etc)
BugFix: CPU Panel: Indication of IFF1, IFF2 and IM
BugFix: Video: Fixed FullScreen Video Mode - 1024x768

08.09.04: ZX-Emul v0.26b
NEW: Separate Disassembler Panel
DAsm: Toggled Address and Code columns
New: DAsm: Decimal Numbers View Mode
New: Added Mouse Wheel Invert Direction option
New: Sound: Added Synch Delay parameter
BugFix: Without Attribute Mode
BugFix: Mouse Wheel Precision
BugFix: DAsm: PageUp and LineUp Scroll incorect

16.10.03: ZX-Emul v0.25b
NEW: VG93: Emulation of Write Track command
NEW: Video: Memory Direct Write for FullScreen Mode (faster)
Video: Interlaced Mode for FullScreen Mode (fastest)
New: Video: Grayscale palette
New: Video: Added new FullScreen Video Mode - 640x480
New: Debugger: Hints on port #7FFD
BugFix: Alt-M turn off Mouse Mode in FullScreen
BugFix: Alt-F4 dont't turn off FullScreen Mode
BugFix: Right-bottom conner of screen in FullScreen Mode
BugFix: Window "CPU Stopped" don't turn off FullScreen Mode
BugFix: Palette in FullScreen Mode
BugFix: Alt-Tab Mouse Aquire Error
BugFix: FullScreen mouse not worked

12.10.03: ZX-Emul v0.24b
NEW: VG93: Emulation of Write Sector command
Beta128 Panel: Hints on VG93 Commands and Registers
BugFix: Loading UDI images with track length more than 6250
BugFix: Max accessible track on disk drive now 86
BugFix: Options: Presets not restored on close Options Form
BugFix: Esc in Screen PopUp Menu stoped execution

10.10.03: ZX-Emul v0.23b
NEW: UDI disk image format support (reading only)
TZX Reader: Support big Turbo Blocks (Back to School)
New: Debugger: Ability to view screen without attributes
BugFix: Z80: CALL commands (Batman: The Movie loader hang up)
BugFix: TZX Reader: Block pause level (Basil not loading)

08.10.03: ZX-Emul v0.22b
NEW: FDI format support (reading only)
Keys ESC, F2, F3, etc... now turn off FullScreen
BugFix: FullScreen now cleared on activating

06.10.03: ZX-Emul v0.21b
DirectX DirectDraw Library Error
BugFix: FullScreen Mode switched on only first time

20.04.03: ZX-Emul v0.20b
NEW: FullScreen first attempt (switched with Alt+Enter)
VG93: Improved emulation of TypeI commands
New: TZX Reader: Support of Block 5A (linked TZX file)
New: Added optional support of Mouse Wheel (Mouse Options}
New: Debugger: Border and Paper now updated correctly
New: Another way to turn on MouseMode - DoubleClick on Screen
New: On loading SCL files free space on disk checked
New: Triple buffer sound engine (may be sounds problem solved)
BugFix: TZX Reader: Block of zero length (Flying Shark)
BugFix: KeyMatrix Algorithm (some keyboard problems)
BugFix: TZX Reader: Blocks 10&11 (Dynamite Dux reset on loading)
BugFix: Double Alt-F4 sometime thrown system error
BugFix: LD A,R/I command reset CF (Sinclair Town 2 crashing)
BugFix: Too strong mouse port decode (Adventurer #9 mouse fail)
BugFix: TR-DOS: First IDAM now A1A1FE (Master Copy hang on)

08.04.03: ZX-Emul v0.19b
Optional link of boot on loading SCL or TRD file
New: TacktsMeter for calculate timing periods (idea by Spectre)
New: Improved timing of VG93 commands
New: TZX Reader: Full support of Select block
New: TAP and TZX files can be loaded from command line
BugFix: TR-DOS suicide on switching RAM pages (128k Magic files)
BugFix: LD Ir,(nn) incorrect timing (Bart Simpsons DI-HALT)
BugFix: TZX Reader: PureTone block (many TZX tape images)
BugFix: TZX Reader: PureData block (WecLeMans 128 don't load)
BugFix: VG93: ReadSector command (Unreal megademo by KSA)

31.03.03: ZX-Emul v0.18b
Added ReadTrack VG93 command (RDS Analise Track work)
New: Support cache of Page0 in Scorpion Memory Models
New: Alt+LeftMouseButton swap left and right mouse buttons
New: TapeReader: Emulation of TapeIn sound
New: Added Sound Options for adjust or mute sound volumes
BugFix: VG93 command ReadSector (ZXPower#3 hang up)
BugFix: OpenDisk Dialog and Emulator keypress synhronize
BugFix: Trailing space sensibility in file name
BugFix: InputField Calculator
BugFix: VG93 command ReadAddress (FORMAT bug)
BugFix: Access to Track 81
BugFix: Border color on emulator start
BugFix: Index command (like SET 4,(IX+#01)) can modify ROM
BugFix: Initial state of mouse (programs don't discover it)
BugFix: Interrupt enabled in prefix chains and after EI/DI
BugFix: TapeReader: Errors on tapes with more then 255 blocks
BugFix: On snapshot opening border don't changed in debugger

27.03.03: Homepage
NEW: Now you can subscribe yourself on ZX-Emul news! (thanks to Spectre)

25.03.03: ZX-Emul v0.17b
NEW: Emulation of Kempston Mouse!
NEW: Supported Scorpion ZS 256/1024k memory extension model
Mouse Mode toggled by Alt-M
New: Alt-F4 now have global effect (work in all Panels)
New: Alt-Space minimize entire application (Boss key:)
New: Now on switching application keyboard rescaning
New: Now Acttive Panel saved on Run, and restored in Debugger
New: Now input fields understand '+','-','*','/' and '(',')'
BugFix: VG93 command Step (Super Dragon Slayer reset)
BugFix: Improved port #FF emulation (Short Circuit now work)
BugFix: Wrong dated files not opened from F3 dialog (thanks to Rob)

19.03.03: ZX-Emul v0.16b
NEW: Added support of SCL file format
NEW: Supported Pentagon 1024k memory extention model
SCL file can be loaded from command line
New: Change registers arrangement in CPU Panel (by STS standard)
New: All setting of Memory Panel now saved on exit
New: Esc now work in main ZX-Emul window too
New: Full ajustable Attribute port (#FF) from Ports Option
New: Debugger: Command 'Set PC to Current Line' (Ctrl-N)
New: Now F2 open "Load Disk Images" Panel
New: Added panel "Beta128"
New: All files searched in current, default and ZX-Emul dirs
New: Memory Panel: Added mouse wheel support
BugFix: Border don't changed until it set to not black
BugFix: LD iL,iH work like LD iL,H [i=X|Y] (Song in Lines bug)
BugFix: CPIR/CPDR commands (Honey Commander infinity loop)
BugFix: Behavior of FPS indicator
BugFix: Error on copy from MemoryPanel to clipboard
BugFix: Little fix of behavior of Keyboard Panel

13.03.03: ZX-Emul v0.15b
NEW: Supported Pentagon 512k memory extention model
Improved emulation of VG93 Restore command
New: MemoryPanel: DoubleClick on Addres open GotoAddress
New: MemoryPanel: Ctrl-Ins copy selection to clipboard
New: Debugger: Command 'Run to Next Line' (Shift-F7)
New: ScreenPanel: Added PopupMenu for change ScreenSize
New: Now you will be informed if CPU Stopped (on DI+HALT)
New: RightClick on Keyboard clicked selected key (Idea by Z-Man)
New: Added ability of set TRD image from command line
New: Added support of cutted TRD images
BugFix: VG93 ReadSector command (Quick Commander bug)
BugFix: IN x,(C) commands don't change flags
BugFix: Losted files in ZX-Emul dir (thanks to Jaroslaw Tanunin)
BugFix: VG Emulation (bug in BestView left panel)
BugFix: VG Forced Interrupt INTRQ behavior (MultiStudio hangs)
BugFix: Little improvement of GotoAddress panel and history

09.03.03: ZX-Emul v0.14b
NEW: Now supported Pentagon 256k memory extention model
Added ability of disabling TR-DOS
New: You can use register names for input it values
New: Added emulation of AY registers
BugFix: TR-DOS Options MenuItem bug
BugFix: Screen Panel on diferent window size bug
BugFix: TR-DOS index pulse incorrect (Quick Commander bug)

02.03.03: ZX-Emul v0.13b
Now ZX-Emul not devour all system resources
New: Debugger: 'Step Over' (F8) work on DJNZ CPU command
New: Debugger: Added command 'Run Until Return' (Shift-F8)
New: You can choose Border Size from included presets
New: Added ability of changing Border Size (from Options)
New: In GoTo Address Panel added history of inputed values
BugFix: Not work extended SNA 128k format (with TR-DOS flag)
BugFix: Now Floppy Drive has only 80 Tracks (BestView bug)

24.02.03: ZX-Emul v0.12b
NEW: Now Screen Panel may be enlarged to double size
Now Alt-F4 close ZX-Emul in Screen Panel at runtime
New: Added calculation of CRC in VG93 emulation
New: Improver reset behavior in VG93 emulation
New: You can gain access to DOS ports from Basic
BugFix: Reset with Second Screen Memory switched on
BugFix: VG command read address bug (Conver Commander)
BugFix: Keyboard Panel don't updated on Debugger enter
BugFix: Splitting Images hangs (LD A,R bug) 

20.02.03: ZX-Emul v0.11b
NEW: First release of VG93 emulation!
In Option-Ports Tab added standard port #FE
New: Sound Engine optimization (about 70% speed up!!!)
New: Rude emulation of port #FF
BugFix: Usual Medvedev's bugreport work :)

15.02.03: Homepage
New: Added old DOS version of ZX-Emul for downloading
New: Added my E-Mail 

15.02.03: ZX-Emul v0.10b
NEW: Added ability of snapshot running from command line
New icons and Eject Button added in Tape Reader panel
New: Border renderer optimization (about 15% speed up)
BugFix: TRDOS ROM image replaicing on 128 ROM, by pressing Cancel
BugFix: If ZX-Emul was in 48k mode, it can't load 128k snapshot
BugFix: F3 don't open Snapshot Loader, if emulator running
BugFix: If tape not loaded, on tape autostart toppled in debugger

03.02.03: ZX-Emul v0.09b
NEW: Added abilty of snapshot saving (in both SNA formats)
Added tab in Options Panel - viewing and selecting ROM's
New: Now Memory Panel on/off state saved on exit
New: Added ability to run emulator without sound card
BugFix: Some Options menu items don't faded on emulator run
BugFix: Options panel close button, and Cancel button behavior
BugFix: If you can't select ROM you may abort emulator
BugFix: Memory Panel now closed by Alt-F4, but Screen Panel - not
BugFix: Potential bug in SNA 128k loader (high bit of R register)

27.01.03: ZX-Emul v0.08b
NEW: Added TR-DOS ROM support
Tape Reader on/off state now saved on exit
New: Now flash frequency adjustable through Video Options
New: Added Ports and Startup Tabs in Options Panel
New: Now you can ajust Kemston Joystick port or disabled it
New: Increased speed in MaxSpeed mode (about 20%)
New: FPS indicator toggled with Alt-F combination
New: Now Reset mapped on F12 key
New: If you hold Alt during Reset you switched to 48k Mode
New: If you double press F12 you reset in TR-DOS mode
New: In Options Panel added buttons Ok and Cancel
New: You can select startup mode: in Debugger or in Emulator
New: You can select reset mode on start of emulator
BugFix: Icons in Debuger
BugFix: Now on Reset port FE unchanged
BugFix: In TapeRader Rewind button don't disabled on down arrow

06.01.03: ZX-Emul v0.07b
NEW: DirectDraw used to update screen!
Added Options Menu with Video Options
New: Added MaxSpeed mode (toggled with F8 key)
New: Border Renderer optimization
New: TZX block 24&25 support (loops)
New: TZX block 31 support (message block)
New: TZX block 2A support (stop tape if in 48k mode)
New: Added FPS indicator
New: Improved and optimized (3-5% speed up) sound engine 
BugFix: Tape loading error if last TZX block has pause 0
BugFix: Tape Reader list update no more pausing emulator
BufFix: Reset Emulation improved (screen, border & sound update)
BugFix: Interface Windows no more hide-and-seek
BugFix: Tape not stopped at the end on some TZX blocks

25.12.02: ZX-Emul v0.06b
NEW: Real-time screen renderer, multicolor available!
New: Interrupt pulse now has length (24 tackts)
New: Screen rendering timing fully equal Pentagon128
New: TZX block 11 support (turbo or nonstandard timing)
New: TZX blocks 12,13,14 support (custom tones, pulses & data)
New: TZX blocks 21&22 support (group of blocks)
New: TZX block 23 support (jump to block)
New: TZX block 28 show support (block selection)
New: TZX block 30 support (text description)
BugFix: bugs reported by A.Medvedev (interface errors)
BugFix: memory allocation in Tape Reader form
BugFix: LD A,R (R.b8 - Joe Blade loader decoder)
BugFix: LD SP,IX/Y (HL instead - Joe Blade screen refresh)
BugFix: Sound mixer signed addition (Joy Blade strange sound)
BugFix: Disappearing of Stop button in Tape Reader panel
BugFix: Attempt to fix bug with screen refresh under Windows XP

23.12.02: Homepage
New: Added russian version of homepage

21.12.02: ZX-Emul v0.05b
NEW: TZX tape image format partial support
New: ZXEmul now have Homepage: Lion17Home.Narod.Ru
New: TAP block info can be hexadecimal, decimal or turned off
BugFix: Now keys readed only if Screen Panel focused
BugFix: Error on Tape Autostart if Tape not selected
BugFix: About Form interface icon

15.12.02: ZX-Emul v0.04b
New: In Tape Reader added procent counter of loading block
New: Added support second video page in 128k mode
New: Indication of current state of 7FFD port added
New: Now you can load Snapshot witout running it
BugFix: Error in OUT (n),A ("Eyeache" now run)
BugFix: Border not update in debug trace mode
BugFix: Some CPU command (like RL(HL) etc) changed ROM data
BugFix: Silly bug in Z80 snapshot loader (wrong page order)
BugFix: 48k Sna loader don't change current #7FFD port setting
Interface some fix

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